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For countries who are members of the Agreement of Madrid, it is possible to protect a mark by means of a single application. This International Registration (IR) should be based upon a national application (often a Benelux or CTM application). Only natural and corporate persons who are nationals of the contracting countries or who have a genuine establishment in one of the countries may be the holder of an IR. While it is already possible to use the Madrid System in more the 80 countries, many more are joining the system. An International Registration is not more then a bundle of national registrations; they are subject to national Trademark laws.

The requirements for filing Trademark applications in countries not part of the EU or party the Agreement of Madrid differ per country. Please contact us for more detailed information. With our worldwide web of Intellectual Property associates we are highly capable of managing Trademark portfolios all over the world. In addition to our fast and direct advice and services, we are often complimented for our personalized attention and involvement.

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